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The Importance of Product Photography

We live in a visually driven society. Regardless of how good your written content is and your product’s quality, if your product’s packshots do not align with that level of quality, it will be noticed by your consumers. The product photos you use not only show the perceived value of your product but also tell […]

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How to create a successful jewellery listings

In this blog, we will discuss how to create successful jewellery listings. One of the first steps to setting up your first jewellery listing and successfully selling jewellery online is choosing the right platform to promote and sell your jewellery. If you sell strictly handmade pieces, then Etsy is a perfect platform for you. However, […]

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How To Make The Perfect Gift Guide For Your Customers

Gift guides are the perfect way to advertise your products and provide helpful information for your customers to make them want to buy. Gift Guides are very versatile. You can use gift guides as part of a social media campaign, a blog post on your website or even as part of your monthly newsletter. This […]

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How to write persuasive eCommerce product descriptions

Online shopping has quickly become one of the most efficient ways to purchase products and services quickly due to the pandemic and how easy it is to use, so it’s no surprise that many businesses are listing their products online through eCommerce. However, the increasingly high popularity means it is more challenging to stand out […]

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Photography Infographics And How To Use Them Effectively

Amazon and other online eCommerce sites have become very popular in recent years due to a mixture of reasons. For instance, the pandemic and its efficiency and ease of use. Therefore, it can be challenging to know where to begin looking into product photos for your eCommerce business. Luckily, we have you back with this […]

eCommerce photos

We rely on visuals a lot to make decisions regarding shopping; it’s the reason aesthetics are important when it comes to branding. As a company, you value things like the appearance of your logo or even your office space, why ignore this when it comes to showcasing your products?   Ecommerce is booming in our […]