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Person using a laptop to write an eCommerce description
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How to write persuasive eCommerce product descriptions

Online shopping has quickly become one of the most efficient ways to purchase products and services quickly due to the pandemic and how easy it is to use, so it’s no surprise that many businesses are listing their products online through eCommerce. However, the increasingly high popularity means it is more challenging to stand out amongst your competitors. This blog will walk you through valuable tips and advice from experts in the industry to so your eCommerce product’s description is helpful and encourages your target audience to buy from you.

Create customer profiles 

 Woman using a laptop to write an eCommerce description

You must know your audience; you can create a customer persona. A customer persona is a detailed description of a fictional person who represents your target audience based on deep research of your existing or target audience. Having a good idea of your target audience can pinpoint what appeals to them and discuss that in your eCommerce product description. 

Include specifics in your eCommerce Product descriptions 

Include a chart with the sizes of the product. It makes it that much easier to picture your products from a customer perspective and, for some products see if it’s the right product that they need. You can even do this within your product photos using infographics, a common technique utilised by Amazon sellers. In addition, being clear about sizes can reduce your returns rate; it can also mean less communication and fewer questions to be asked between yourself and customers, saving you time and money. 

Learn more about product infographics here

Search engine optimisation 

Create a list of keywords related to your product and its uses; this will mean your product might rank better than your competitors and ensure customers visit your site first. You can find keywords using similar web or SEM Rush sites and see how much search traffic they generate. Your eCommerce product description should be readable and accessible by utilising words that are easy to understand. Using plugins like Yoast can help with your product page’s readability and SEO performance.  

Include Unique Selling Points  

Bring attention to what sets your business and your products apart from your competitors in your product descriptions. Perhaps this could be special features, materials, amount of pockets, durability or anything else. Overall, your product pages should convince your audience that this is the product for them.  

You can use an infographic to showcase your unique selling points your products have.

Honesty is the best policy in eCommerce. 

When listing your product’s unique selling points, it’s also important not to get carried away in your product descriptions. Overstating your product description can encourage buyers to buy your product, but it can cause damage your business in the long run. Not only can overstating damage the trust between yourself and customers, but it can also lead to your products being returned, costing precious time and money in returns and negative reviews from customers. 

When selling second-hand products online, it’s essential to highlight any damage or faults with the products. People who buy second-hand products are aware that what they’re buying could be damaged, so being transparent about any damages will positively affect your sales and make you more trustworthy.  

Maybe you’re selling clothes; so you should point out if sizes on a particular product run large or small. Your customers are likely to shop again if they don’t have to return what they purchase due to issues with sizing or the description being misleading. 

Show and Tell with your Ecommerce Product Description

Your eCommerce product description isn’t the first thing your customers come across. It would help if you used eye-catching photography and videography to help create a first impression.After making a good first impression, customers will go on to read the product description and potentially purchasing your product. It is recommended to hire a photographer for high-quality eye catching photography and videography. 

High-quality media not only showcase the details of your product, but they also set you apart from your competition.

Layout and Grammar 

Making spelling mistakes and bad grammar is considered unprofessional and ultimately untrustworthy for customers. You can use programmes like Grammarly to double-check spelling and grammar before publishing your product description online.

This list has provided many points to consider. As a result, it can mean that your product description is now very long and could be daunting for customers to read if the layout isn’t right. Putting together a well thought out layout can help ensure all critical information is readable for your customers. Bullet points should be used to compile the key information, features and selling points about the product at the beginning of your product’s page. Put these key points in order of importance, too; you should first put the positives and unique selling points.

Writing eCommerce product descriptions can be difficult, but with a good skeleton to work from, it’s much easier to write the next once you’ve written one. Write multiple versions and ask for feedback to see which ones work best for your products; you can always redraft and rewrite.

Let us know which tips you found helpful below. Read more of our eCommerce blogs here.

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