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The Importance of Product Photography

We live in a visually driven society. Regardless of how good your written content is and your product’s quality, if your product’s packshots do not align with that level of quality, it will be noticed by your consumers. The product photos you use not only show the perceived value of your product but also tell […]

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Digital Afterlife

  In the process of grieving, we often search for ways to keep the memory of our loved ones alive. Bereavement and memorial jewellery have emerged as a personal and meaningful way to honour those we have lost. These pieces of jewellery, imbued with sentiment, provide a tangible link to the departed, offering comfort and […]

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Benefits of using Camera Modes & how to use them better

What are Cameras & Camera modes? Digital cameras are used to create a visual record of the world around us but can be challenging to operate effectively. Cameras take images of the scenery around us, product photography, and other uses. Camera modes allow settings such as exposure, aperture, and more to be adjusted, but this can […]

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The Most Important Jewellery Photography Equipment to have

It can be overwhelming for some photographers when choosing the right photography equipment when photographing jewellery products and designs. There is a range of overpriced equipment that may not produce your desired results. It can be challenging to find the equipment that suits your photography skills the best and delivers the results you need. If […]

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how to look for the perfect camera lens for you

When you own an SLR camera, there are many camera lens options. So, it may be a little overwhelming knowing what lens to use. In addition, different lenses are suitable for other purposes. Therefore, it can get confusing pretty fast. Here are a few tips to help you choose the best lenses for specific needs. […]

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Why Photo Editing Is Important And Makes The Difference

No matter how talented the photographer, editing photos after a photograph has been taken is paramount to making sure your photos are the best quality they can be. Editing photographs using Adobe Photoshop & Adobe Lightroom has become the norm for many studios, and getting to know this software is vital. This blog will discuss […]

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Blog posts: Amazing & creative blog ideas for your business

Blog posts are a great way to communicate with your customers and build a solid and active community that provides great content that they may be interested in. They’re also an effective way of being transparent with your audience and answering frequently asked questions in depth. However, blog posts can fall flat if you don’t […]

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Jewellery Photography: Most common issues and how to get around them

Jewellery photography is one of the most challenging types of photography, it can be for several reasons, due to how time-consuming both within production and post-production. This article will discuss some of the common issues faced when photographing jewellery from a professional perspective and how you can fix them. Fingerprints and Debris on Jewellery  High-quality […]