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Man working on a tablet for jewellery ecommerce
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Jewellery eCommerce: The best platforms to sell your jewellery

From intricate pendants to chunky bangles, selling jewellery online has never been easier. There are suitable platforms for any sized business on the market. So, whether your business sells small handmade pieces or a larger high-end company with a wider range of stock, there is somewhere on the e-commerce market for you and you should take advantage of it. In this article, we will discuss the best eCommerce platforms to sell your jewellery.

Why branch out to sell jewellery online? 


With technology growing at such a rapid pace and more people avoiding high street shopping, everything is becoming more accessible online. We live in a world where we expect everything at our fingertips, especially with the addition of amazon next day delivery and the ability to find anything online. People are also spending less time shopping in-store as it requires much more effort than a quick google search and images are very important for eCommerce businesses that sell jewellery. So, by not branching out, you are missing out on a world of new customers potentially worldwide and huge boosts in sales for your jewellery business. 

Selling jewellery on Etsy 

Man working on a tablet for jewellery ecommerce

Are your pieces small one of a kind handmade jewellery pieces? Then, Etsy might be the place for you. Etsy is a marketplace allowing smaller businesses with a few owners to share the same account and manage sales. However, Etsy is strictly for handmade pieces only and violating this rule can prompt Etsy to shut your account. 

One of Etsy’s largest selling markets is in jewellery, so it means many potential customers are drawn to the site in search of jewellery, making it the perfect place to start selling your handmade pieces. 

Amazon or eBay 

Amazon and eBay are the perfect places for any size business to sell their jewellery with the added benefit of taking away the hassle of managing a website. However, both sites have their advantages and are very different from one another.  

Amazon has a lengthy set-up process for Jewellers that produce fine jewellery to ensure that customers receive authentic pieces from you and allows a lengthy description and multiple images, perfect for photos and infographics of your jewellery. Amazon also requires a set-up fee. Despite this being an inconvenience, it allows customers the reassurance that your company is trustworthy for Amazon’s marketplace. Having this level of trust means that people will be more likely to spend large amounts online with your store as they need reassurance, they’ll receive what they pay for. 

While eBay is straightforward to set up and free, it brings a very different audience than Amazon as anyone can put up items on eBay without needing professional images. eBay is much simpler to use, making it the perfect place to sell costume jewellery and one-of-a-kind pieces due to its bidding function. eBay is the best choice for auctioning off vintage pieces online as it reaches a vast audience. Putting up listings is fast and straightforward to manage compared to Amazon. 

Jewellery e-commerce on Shopify 

Already have an established customer audience in-store or on your social media? Or do you want more control over your listings? Why not set up your online store with its own unique webpage using Shopify. Shopify is relatively simple to get your head around if you already have tech skills, or you could employ an agency to manage Shopify for you. With Shopify, you can manage your listings and the look of your web page to tailor it entirely to your brand.  

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